About us:


Mobarakeh Steel Company of Technology, Innovation, Development and Support (PJSC) has been established as a subsidiary of Mobarakeh Steel Group with the ultimate goal of innovation, development and localization of technologies in the field of steel industry. The approach of this company to achieve development is to lead and manage the local knowledge-technology network, consisting of empowered engineering companies, research-based companies, elites and experts in steel industry. Components, mega-trends and concepts such as circular economy, digitalization, industry 4.0 (4IR), and capital venture investment will act as the companys guidelines to take this approach.

The main objective behind establishing the company is to develop the Mobarakeh Steel Group’s business model for the next 30 years. Moving toward future neglecting the universal trends will result in the decline of this strategic industry. for the country

This company consists of five main managements listed below:

Technology and Innovation Management

Tracing general or specific technologies and innovations that are applicable in steel industry with two different but converging approaches toward developing new products and new technologies are among the main activities of this company to achieve its general goals. This tracing includes both developed and under-developed innovative technologies. Furthermore, in the field of product development, new products are addressed according to existing or new productive processes. This company will consider moving toward acquiring the knowledge and technology associated with new products as a guideline. Launching technological and innovative open challenges and addressing the urgent technological needs regarding the development of existing technologies in Mobarakeh Steel Group or upgrading them are among the other tasks of this management to follow.

In addition, the secretariat for employing and supporting technological and innovative ideas/projects of this management is responsible for launching call for ideas as well as receiving and assessing them.

Engineering and Inspection Management

After signing the contracts regarding the projects drawn from the ideas that are approved from both technical and economical respects by technology and innovation management as well as investment and technology marketing management, the engineering and inspection management is expected to monitor and lead these projects. Additionally, the reverse engineering projects, initial studies, information and technical document preparation and required operations all take place in this management. In the above-mentioned areas, this management is expected to identify the latent and accessible potentials for further developing technological networks.

Investment and Technology Marketing Management

The main and ultimate task of investment management and technology marketing is value creation through selling developed technologies, commercialization of technological and innovative ideas/plans, and venture capital investment in technical companies that are active in the field of steel industry. Based on the economic justification plan and according to different investment models, this management supports the technological and innovative plans and ideas approved by the innovative development management. Marketing and selling the technology and technological products are the other tasks of this management to carry out. This management participates in providing economical and technical justification plans and after developing the product or technology, the management will conduct the required local and international marketing study to sell technological products or acquired technical knowledge. Supervising the contracts that are related to the above-mentioned areas is another duty of this management.

Management of Legal Affairs and Contracts

The duty of this management is to formulate and conclude requested and required contracts in various areas related to the companys scope, including contracts in the field of support, management of technological process development, management of innovative development, and management of investments and technology marketing. Some of these contracts are formulated and finalized in accordance with the companys trading regulations and some in accordance with the venture capital investment. Pursuing legal claims related to contracts, formulating contracts corresponding to specific needs and conditions, and considering the company’s benefits are the other duties of this management which are supposed to be conducted in an agile and fast manner.

Support Management and Human Resources

•Preparing and adjusting the annual budget plan, defending the proposed budget, and getting the budget approved in the board of directors.
•Monitoring and controlling the expenses in the context of the notified budget plan and preparing the performance report considering the company’s interests.
•Planning and coordinating all measures related to the welfare, medical, and health issues of employees, in accordance with their needs within the existing regulations and facilities and in line with the policies and programs communicated by the Board of Directors and the CEO.
•Planning the staff training programs in accordance with the declared needs of managements.
•Implementing employment and administrative regulations, by-laws and instructions.
•Supervising and planning all activities related to meeting the logistical needs and supporting the company in the form of by-laws approved by the board of directors.
•Planning and supervising matters related to the maintenance of buildings and facilities, vehicles and services, welfare and health of employees.
•Supervising the attendance and arrival/departure of employees and preparing their performance reports.
•Performing matters related to the issuance of employment orders, vacations, and missions.
•Supervising the affairs of the warehouse and the way of entering, releasing and recording the properties and purchased goods.
•Supervising the performance of all activities related to finance and regulating the control of accounts in accordance with the approved laws and regulations and concluded contracts related to the various managements of the company.
•Preserving and protecting all companys properties followed by ensuring of their full registration.
•Establishing an appropriate accounting system with effective internal controls.
•Supervising the preparation of cost documents, salaries and benefits, petty cash, and recording and maintaining financial documents and records.

•Areas of Expertise:

•Creating a cohesive knowledge-technical ecosystem in the field of steel industry technologies
•Laying the groundwork for the development of process innovations in the steel industry
•Transferring and localizing new technologies in the field of the steel industry
•Developing products by the use of new technologies
•Developing specialized knowledge-based companies having innovative ideas/plans
•Employing reverse engineering for key technologies available in the country
•Proposing development plans in the field of the countrys steel industry.


Development and management of a comprehensive technical and knowledge network to develop and localize the technical knowledge of steel production processes and product development using new technologies


Value creation through innovation and acquisition of production process technology and product design in the entire steel industry chain